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The 'Wags, "Livin' The High Life" SRT0801, $12.00

Track Listing:

Two Headed Genius, Give A Kiss Goodbye, Booty Boot, Livin' The High Life, Liar, Pump That Weasel, Old Mule, Loan Me A Dollar, Hay Fever, Galleon, My Baby Left Me Hangin', Leaving Home, You Remember Last Night, Chocolate Cherry Cake

One might hear this said about alot of bands, but in this case it's just the plain stinkin' truth: you haven't lived until you've seen The 'Wags play. Combining elements from bluegrass, ragtime, country, jazz, punk, porno mags, and the garbage disposal under the kitchen sink, singer/guitarist Captain James Cook's compositions breathe new life into all the above genres, while making you soil yourself with laughter at the same time. "You Remember Last Night", an ode to the morning-after evils of fire-water, features lead vocal by doghouse bassist Handsome Young Steve Neil. Other standouts include "Booty Boot", which any car owner in San Francisco can relate to, "Give A Kiss Goodbye" featuring scatt vocal by drummer Scotty Van Schoick, and the traditional "Old Mule".

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