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Suenteus Po, "Still Smiling" SRT1201, $12.00

Track Listing:

Still Smiling, Song 21, Solo, Haphazard Stabs at Conversation, Trend, Crucial, Llawnmower Elves, Hermanito, Plexing Angora, Theater, Mosquito, Words for this Song

Loud, bellicose, funny. Suenteus Po (pronounced swentiss-poe) is a bit like The Melvins getting into a car accident with They Might Be Giants, having Fred Flintstone show up driving the ambulance, and discovering that Chris Isaak was hiding in the bushes with a tape recorder after having gobbled too much acid. Trend is among the best indictments of the music industry status quo ever penned, and singer/guitarist Jesse Tomaino has among the heartiest set of lungs ever to bellow into a microphone.

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