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Enda, "Spacious" SRT1101, $10.00

Track Listing:

Karisma, A Bitter Spill, Spacious, Intelligentsia, Pyro, Eden

One of the brightest, most promising rock bands to emerge from San Francisco in the last decade, Enda displays brilliant songwriting and arranging skills highlighted here on this six-song EP. Thoughtful lyrics sung with gorgeous harmonies, hooks all over the place, utterly unique sonically, driven by wonderfully loud, choral-like guitars and just about the burliest rhythm section ever. The title track "Spacious" is a magnificent tour-de-force which literally explodes out of the speakers, the soaring "Pyro" shows off some beautiful guitar work, and the lovely chorus melody of "A Bitter Spill" leaves no doubt about the band's composition skills. A true force to contend with, and one to watch for a long time to come.

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